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Ob'ezdchiki horses of the Myth about Fetid breath

Fetid breath - one of the most general taboo of the person today. It is so trivial that the majority of us underestimates its values to a condition of our rubber and a teeth if not meaningly ignore it. Underestimation Halitosis can be first of all because of shortage of the information on it. Here some of the most general myths about this kind of breath:
Myth #1: the Liquid for mouth rinsing will force out fetid breath.
Cooled mentolovyy the effect of most commercially accessible liquids for mouth rinsing gets rid from halitosis temporarily. The majority from accessible in your local supermarkets is not capable enough to murder of bacteria which causes dirty breath. Thus, eliminating only a sign instead of the reason. It should use well completely a liquid for mouth rinsing still nevertheless. However, it is preferable that you buy the American Tooth Association, certified antiseptic and a liquid for rinsing of a mouth of reduction of a memorial board.
Myth #2: While you clean a teeth, you should not have a fetid breath.
On the average, the majority of people cleans a teeth during 30 - 45 seconds. Obviously, it is not enough of it to clean all surfaces of your teeth, rubber and language. Improper cleaning - the primary reason of accumulation of a memorial board in a mouth.
Extremely it is recommended, that you were cleaned at least twice a day, everyone, lasting at least two minutes. Do not forget to clean the language also as the memorial board can grow as a covering on it. Besides, language - where the majority of bacteria making aroma in your mouth prospers. Vyshivalnyj silk is equally important also. It helps us to get rid of accumulation of a memorial board intermediate your rubber and a teeth which the tooth-brush any more cannot adapt.
Myth #3: If you breathe in the hand you will know when you will have a fetid breath.
When you speak, you bring aromas from a back of your mouth or where malodour, probably, has occurred, and simply breath does not do it. Besides, we tend to get used to our smell, thus it is more difficult to tell for the person, whether is at it or its dirty breath.

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